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Limited Edition! Limited Quantity! Limited Time! – Squatchmas!

Hi guys! LOTS to cover, so settle in! First off, while for most of you the holidays are a time of joy, family, and the exchanging of Craftsquatch pillows as gifts, around here things are a bit more hectic with caffeine fueled all nighters, towering fluff-ernos of pillows, and mystified postal workers. In order to cut out the chaos and ensure that everyone gets their Craftsquatch order full and on time for the holidays, I’ve decided to make some changes to the shop for the rest of the year..

1.) We’ll be limiting the types and numbers of pillows for sale in the store.

There will only be 40 of each pillow available for purchase. So if you have your eye on an awesome pillow or want to grab a few, DO IT NOW! These pillows will run out quick! Holiday orders close November 15th!

Once they’re gone, they won’t be back till after the new year.

2.) But wait, there’s more Squatch-fan! Will be adding some Limited Edition pillows for the season. Welcome: Snapchat, Kik, Youtube, Whatsapp and Pandora pillows! Again- grab them while you can, they too are limited to a total of 40 pillows through the rest of the year!

Row20143.) One more thing, FREE STUFF!  Every order placed for the rest of the year automatically becomes an entry for the chance to win your whole holiday order FOR FREE! This includes shipping anyhwere.

Please retweet/reblog/reshare news of Squatchmas to all of your friends and followers alike – every share using the hashtag #Squatchmas enters you for the chance to win one of the 5 Limited Edition pillows – a winner every week. So lots of Wins for everyone!

I’m really looking forward to sending you all some awesome Craftsquatch pillows this holiday season and hope you take a moment to Share and Win a pillow prize!

Thanks for a great year!

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