Pillow of the Week – grubHub

grubcollageOm nom nom! After a long day of sewing pillows in our home-studio, grubHub is our favorite place to order food from the couch, which is where we’ve inevitably collapsed to watch our favorite science fiction series’ (what are your favorite science fiction series’?!). In a city like Chicago, grubHub is like teleporting around the globe with your taste buds. Thai, Indian, and Mediterranean are the foods we love the most! Mmm, this Pillow of the Week makes us salivate like Pavlov’s dog. Droooooool. <3 :)

Behind the Scenes – Craftsquatch Typography

customsjulWe realized while creating custom pillows this week that Craftsquatch has made custom pillows for enough companies to represent every letter of the alphabet with their logos. A real study in Craftsquatch typography! :) Here’s a small sample of the custom orders we’ve been working on! <3 :)

Pillow of the Week – feedly

feedlyRaise your hand if you’ve recently become very familiar with this icon (raises hand). Much to our initial chagrin over at Craftsquatch, we chose feedly as our new RSS Reader after the painful death of Google Reader. We’ve quickly come realize that feedly is fantastic, particularly as an Android app. So, maybe there’s a slight learning curve for some of us (wink wink), but the interface is really an improvement once you’ve accepted the loss of Google Reader. Too soon? RIP Google Reader. <3 :)

On the Map – TeaGschwendner

Tea GschwendnerTea BoxesLocated at the intersection of State and Division, TeaGschwendner is arguably the best specialty tea shop in Chicago. With an entire wall of boxes filled with various tea types, color-coded for easy browsing, we leave with at least our favorites (Le Touareg – the best mint green tea we’ve ever tasted and (tea) Earl Grey (hot) No. 69 – an old classic heavy on the bergamot), as well as a couple of mini-sampler bags that the always-friendly staff stuff to the gills with teas you’d like to try before you buy. Taste test their brewed samples and check out that façade – it definitely stands out on this block in the bustling Gold Coast neighborhood! <3 :)

A Beautiful Pillow Plug

A Beautiful Mess Instagram

Craftsquatch received an awesome plug from the ladies of A Beautiful Mess on their Instagram page yesterday! That’s the Pillow of the Week we created of their adorable photo app icon. Check out the A Beautiful Mess app in the iTunes app store! :) <3

Pillow of the Week – WordPress

ImageCraftsquatch created this week’s pillow to celebrate the beginning of our relationship with WordPress (we imagine it will be a long and loving one, too). This relationship is not complicated. In fact, Justin says an inverse relationship exists between the ease of using WordPress as a blogger and creating this pillow! It was a tricky one, but we made it through, just for you! Thank you, WordPress! <3 :)


On the Map – Skylark


Located at Halsted and Cermak in Chicago, Skylark is a favorite dive of Craftsquatch. A little gritty and a lot dark, this bar has a solid selection of craft beers and the best tots and sauce in town. The bartender’s music of choice usually features distorted guitar and we don’t mind. After a few Three Floyds and a black-and-white Photobooth session, you begin to love the noise and appreciate the ambiance.

Pillow of the Week – A Beautiful Pillow

ImageCraftsquatch created this week’s pillow to pay homage to the A Beautiful Mess app, a photo editing app created by Elsie and Emma of the craft and lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess. This playful app offers new filters, doodles, and fonts that allow you to write phrases on the pictures you share! While it’s only available for iPhone right now, ABM received enough well-deserved fan fare (it made #1 in the iTunes paid app store) that they are in the process of developing the app for Android. We’re Android-users here at Craftsquatch and can’t wait to get the app for our phones! Our good friend Cari, and fellow ABM follower, helped us edit the photos below so that you could see with your own eyeballs some of the fun things you do with the app! If you want to know more, check out this post over on the ABM blog! <3 :)

image (1) image (2)pillow of the week

Welcome to Craftsquatch blog!

Greetings, readers!  Welcome to the new and improved Craftsquatch blog. We’re ecstatic to report and hope you’ll be giddy to discover that there will be a lot more action on this blog than there has been in the past. Weekly features will be posted for your viewing pleasure, including, but not limited to:

  • Pillow of the Week – Craftsquatch will create a new geeky pillow every week to share with and receive feedback from y’all (if there are pillows you’d really like to see, feel free to pass your suggestions our way)
  • Behind the Scenes – Sneak a peek into Craftsquatch’s day-to-day creative process (we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have)
  • On the Map – Craftsquatch will share places we love in our city of origin (Chicago, Illinois) and any places we may travel (let us know if there are hidden gems in Chicago and surrounding areas that we’ve missed)


I also think it’d be great fun if you’d send along pictures of our pillows in your spaces so that we may post them for all the Internet to see. We think our pillows are great, but we’re certain their greater in your home/office/arms!

For those of you who don’t already know me, let me introduce myself! My name is Justin and I’ve been the sole creator since Craftsquatch began in 2009. It hasn’t been a lonely journey! I’ve had a lot of help over the years from family, friends and loved ones, as well as a growing number of customers and community of supporters. However, I am pleased to announce that Craftsquatch has a new team member! Everyone wave hello to Morgan, our newest addition and do-a-little-bit-of-everything extraordinaire!

Stay tuned, yo, and don’t forget to chat us up on Facebook and Twitter, as well as see what we’re up to on Instagram! <3 :)