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50 Shades of Green…


More like 8 shades in this picture – but it turns out if you run a throw pillow company long enough, you’ll hoard MANY swatches of fabric over the years. So, when a new custom project calls for 4 very, but not quite, similar shades of green – you’re likely to have it.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished order for our friends at Sprout Social, right here in Chicago!

The Fancy Order

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 8.29.09 PM.png

Yes, that is a stack of soon-to-be popsicles going out to the Fancy. I would totally check them out if I were you. Oh, and can you guess how many there are? There just *might* be something in it for one lucky guesser :D

*New* Google pillows pt. 2


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m digging the new Google icons! Their move to simple and unified design really takes the brand forward. These are just the first few samples of a custom order going to the Google campus this weekend – but I will be adding Google Maps, Hangouts and Drive to a pillow store near you shortly :)

Hoot! (suite, that is)


Some new pillows heading south for our friends at Hootsuite. I’m really loving their new logo – just as cute as the original (but with colours that are far more pillow-friendly :P).



Just going through some old files when I came upon these! Who remembers the first series of Craftsquatch pillows? Can you name them all?

New pillows are shipping!


The tail-end of the Christmas orders are going out this week. If you placed your order after the December cut off date, you should be seeing your Social Media Pillows, of all designs, on your doorstep in the next couple of weeks. Every year we get closer and closer to our goal of chimney delivery in time for Christmas morning. We’ll get there!

Contest winners will also be hearing from me shortly!