Pillow of the Week – A Beautiful Pillow

ImageCraftsquatch created this week’s pillow to pay homage to the A Beautiful Mess app, a photo editing app created by Elsie and Emma of the craft and lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess. This playful app offers new filters, doodles, and fonts that allow you to write phrases on the pictures you share! While it’s only available for iPhone right now, ABM received enough well-deserved fan fare (it made #1 in the iTunes paid app store) that they are in the process of developing the app for Android. We’re Android-users here at Craftsquatch and can’t wait to get the app for our phones! Our good friend Cari, and fellow ABM follower, helped us edit the photos below so that you could see with your own eyeballs some of the fun things you do with the app! If you want to know more, check out this post over on the ABM blog! <3 :)

image (1) image (2)pillow of the week

One thought on “Pillow of the Week – A Beautiful Pillow

  1. […] plug from the ladies of A Beautiful Mess on their Instagram page yesterday! That’s the Pillow of the Week we created of their adorable photo app icon. Check out the A Beautiful Mess app in the iTunes app […]

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